On-PROST aims to improve the patient experience of cancer and the quality of care through the routine collection of a standardized set of Patient Reported Outcome Measures (PROMs) for use in clinical care and to advance the science of PRO measurement through research across the cancer continuum.

Goals and Responsibilities


Develop a PRO system of core, cross-cutting questions that evaluate symptoms not only from a toxicity perspective, but from the patient’s perspective as a whole person.

Facilitate the routine collection of core, disease/treatment/phase specific PRO data for clinical and research purposes.

Foster standardization of PRO data testing and implementation in trials and clinical care.

Advance science of treatment through better understanding of underlying biological mechanisms of disease, symptoms and toxicities.

Act in an advisory capacity to PRO selection and implementation in cancer.


Conduct a scoping and systematic review on core outcome sets in cancer across populations to consolidate the work of other PROMs and priorities for methodological research.

Develop a cohesive research agenda through all key PROM areas.

Develop best practices for core PROM outcome set development and implementation for research use and/or clinical practice and measurement of change.

Develop a delivery system of interpretable results to patients and health care providers with input from clinicians.

Reach consensus on a minimum set of core PROMs for cancer population comparison and for disease specific or condition specific outcome capture.

Develop local and provincial partnerships and collaborations for multi-site pilot tests of PROM core sets in key research areas and for consensus building.

Develop national and international collaborations to avoid duplication of work and to realize economies of scale.